Patricians Circle


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$22,000 (Lifetime Member).
Properly Structure Your Business –

  • Creating your own EcoSystem (financial mechanism)
  • Business added to existing EcoSystem
  • Estate Planning
  • Trust
  • Crypto Currency & Stock (fundamental class)
  • Structure your business on Credit
  • Protect From Fraud and Risk Management
  • Manufacture Your Profile
  • Financial Literacy
  • Acquisition of Tradelines
  • Access to past recorded call by request
  • How to Qualify for Business Funding
  • How to Franchise your business
  • How to Automate your business
  • How to Create an NFT
  • How to Start a Non Profit
  • How to Structure Your Business Credit
  • How to leverage your Personal and Business Credit
  • How to Create Multiple Income Streams within Your Business
  • Co-op and Individual World Wide Investments

Patricians Circle receive 15% off trade-lines
*** No Refunds

2 reviews for Patricians Circle

  1. Antonioweatt

    This rather good idea and very necessary. I have found this program extremely useful.
    Many thanks, I don’t know how I can thank you.
    Queen has made my life goals come to reality and the road for generational wealth for my children real. Write to me tomorrow, we will communicate.

  2. Mia Mills

    Just the Eco system alone made this package worth it! Queen we locked in for life!

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